Weekend Snapshots :: Christmas and Beyond

Christmas was eventful, you guys. Not only did we have a white Christmas, we had an all out blizzard which led to a lot of shenanigans.

Amazing animal pajamas (they're called kigurimis) I ordered from China that my sister and I rarely took off. They are THAT. COMFY.

And yes, I'm ridiculous and put my dog in pajamas too. I found them at an after Christmas sale, don't judge me. Watching her prance around the house in a snowflake onesie turned out to be the best $4 that I've ever spent. It was HILARIOUS.

I knew it was going to snow in Little Rock on Christmas, but I had hope it would snow in Longview while we were visiting my parents. Luckily for me, we had a good hour or two of beautiful snow in Texas on Christmas! It was truly magical, and thankfully all melted the next day so we could still make the Target after Christmas sale.

Sadly, our house in Little Rock was not so lucky. We spent the rest of the week checking our thermostat waiting for it to come online. The house was out of power until Saturday - and then AGAIN on Sunday, so we've been house hopping for the past week waiting for heat and lights (and most importantly, internet).

Spent our last night of Christmas break at the casinos in Shreveport - I might not have won any money but I found a few slot machines that were a total blast!

My BFF from growing up, Chesley, standing in front of a million dollar wall at the Horseshoe Casino. Probably the only million I'll ever see in my lifetime!

How was your holiday, lovelies? I'm excited to get my party on tonight for New Years and I have my fingers crossed that it'll be one with lots of light and heat (power, hurry up!). I hope you all have a fabulous last night of 2012 and I'll see you in 2013 with lots more sequins and sass.

What I Wore :: Christmas Pictures

WHAT on earth do you wear for Christmas pictures? All I knew when I woke up this morning was that my sister requested "festive attire" because she was taking us somewhere for magical Christmas pictures. I'd already worn my red sweater...burn. I decided to go snow-bunny neutral with a winter white.

 Can't go wrong with white and black, right? I don't think I've even worn this dress before, but I knew when I did I wanted to put it with leather and tights. As for the rest of my day, here's how it unfolds:

 Fancy sodas at Pops on 66 (I love that place! And their buffalo wing soda!)

 Christmas shopping at the Pop-up shops downtown (and watching ice skaters, so Christmas!)

 Posing in front of the giant decorations at Devon Tower downtown...I love these sparkly ornaments!

 Gorgeous pine cones inside of the tower gave me extra Christmas spirit.

 I hear Santa is nearby....

My adorable family. Christmas is the best, AMIRITE???? PS - yes, everyone else wore freaking red. I'm such an outcast slash snowflake princess. Whatevsys, Our trip was super fun! Merry early Christmas to all and to all a goodnight.

Dress, Forever 21.
Shoes, Target.
Jacket, Forever 21.
Necklace, BaubleBar.
Super mega crazy bun, CLAIRES! (getchu one)