AJ Wears :: A tribal cardi

My Cali adventure is winding down...sigh! I'm going to miss being around so many amazing restaurants and so much great shopping. I was happy I packed this slouchy sweater for the SF leg of our trip as it tended to be windy and cold, especially at night.

 We did a host of other fun things I didn't even get to blog, like visit the Apple headquarters! BB's cousin works for Apple and invited us to come have lunch at the campus's cafeteria and shop at the store full of Apple HQ exclusive swag like tees, mugs, and pens. Tomorrow I'll have a full "What to Pack" post up for you guys so you can see what all went in my suitcase -and how I put everything together. Sigh...see you again soon, sometime, CA. We had a blast. Back to real life.

Cardigan, Urban Outfitters (similar at UO - similar at XXI).
Leggings, H&M (exact - they have zippers!).
Top, MICHAEL Michael Kors (similar at Zappos).
Bag, Fossil. (exact)
Boots, Abbie by JustFab.

Take One, Day 11 :: Cardi Party

Hey, everybody! It's a cardi party! My sister actually made this amazing music video a few years ago where she and her friends sang a song about a cardi party. Sadly, it's been removed from YouTube and now Old Navy can probably claim they came up with the saying on their own. Anyway, after saying that I sometimes I feel frumpy fab in a cardigan yesterday, I want to take it a little less teacher today.

 Also it rained, so I bebopped around town in leggings and rainboots. I'm aware we're bordering on dangerously close to leggings as pants territory, and I wish I could apologize for that, but I can't. Like I said, it was raining. My underpants radius is deep and wide on days like this. If I could wear my giraffe onesie in public on days like today, I would. I also wish I could apologize for not taking any pics without my jacket on, but we did the world's fastest photoshoot today as it was sleeting in our faces.

 Enjoying the rain. And the cold. Clearly.

Side note: I asked y'all on Twitter what you do with your hair when it's wet. I don't often dry mine, so it's usually in a low bun or french braid while it dries and then I curl it the next day. But since that gets old, I'm always looking for new ideas. This double french braid bobby pin monstrosity is bordering on Heidi territory, but I don't mind it so much.

Cardigan, still haven't looked at the tag.
Shirt, Forever 21, 92% sure
Boots, Hunter.
Socks, Also Hunter
Earrings, JewelMint.
Bag, The Limited.
Coat, Gap.

Take One, Day 10 :: A Spotty Skirt

I have to admit, I loved hearing what pieces you guys thought I should remix from yesterday's outfit. Maybe I should crowdsource my remix pieces for a week. That could actually get a little interesting, because y'all could pick the most impossible part of my outfit to remix, just to see if I could. Anyway, I decided on the skirt because it's actually a really fun little piece that I've found looks good with a lot, even if I don't wear it as often as I probably should.

 I always feel like a teacher when I wear a cardigan. They're not exactly edgy, but I've been wearing them since middle school. Maybe I'm an old lady at heart. Speaking of old lady things, it's been a little warmer this week so far, so I went sans "stockings" and let my legs hang out. Man, I am killing it with the writing today. So, so many uninteresting things to say. Happy Monday to you too.

Cardigan...I don't know. Probably Target or Old Navy or something.
Skirt, Vintage (and stolen from my sister)
Scarf, Forever 21.
Shoes....Payless, maybe?

Oh, so I guess this is another (boring) fun fact too! Everything in my outfit today I've had for a long time. Pulling deep from the reserves of AJ's closet for the remix, what up with that.