AJ Wears :: Coral stripes

Hi people! Even with a jam-packed day, I managed to take not one...but TWO outfit photos today! I'm definitely making the most of my suitcase wardrobe this week. Today was meetings, pre-conference workshops, and tech rehearsals so I wanted to be comfortable - leggings, check! flats, double check! I added a blazer because our staff work room tends to get a bit cool, but I was able to shed the layer to take a quick nap by the pool this afternoon during my lunch break. There's something so wrong about wearing a blazer when everyone around you has a swimsuit on! I'm thinking I might wear mine under my clothes the next few days so I can dip when I get a break.

PS - My husband bought me this shirt for my birthday, how cute is he? I love it when he picks stuff out for me because I know he'll like my outfit. Also, I like wearing things he picked out and bragging on his great taste. So! Work day to dinner is often a pretty quick turn around, so I've been re-working pieces from day to night this week. Tonight I tucked this pretty blouse into a pencil skirt for a welcome reception.

I think this might have been cute too if I hiked the skirt up a bit to make it shorter and wore the blouse over it with a belt! So versatile. Hurrah. I ended up throwing on a jacket on the way out the door just in case and snapped this shot to prove it totally works with the jacket too. Love that. PS - totally fell over after taking these pictures in the sand in wedges. This nice couple offered to take my picture at one point but I didn't want to explain to them A) why I was taking these or B) what sort of art direction I'd need so I let them go on their merry way. So sweet.

Shirt, Banana Republic (exact).
Leggings, Forever 21.
Jacket, Forever 21 (similar color).
Sandals, Bridget from ShoeMint.
Wedges, Target.
Skirt, Forever 21.

Friday Favorites Remix :: The silver tweed blazer

Last week's remix choices were slim. Two colored jeans, two blazers, and some leggings. Of course, I chose the blazer because I need to wear it while it's still under 90 around here. I tried it with shorts - it didn't work. I don't know why. So I grabbed my trusty wide leg navy pants and went on with my day.

I totally got called out on getting dressed just to leave the house for a few minutes today. I was popping into the audio studio where I freelance to cut a quick audition and they said they imagined me wearing sweatpants all day. It's true - if I don't have to leave the house, I'm in sweats. But if I'm GOING to leave, I'm going to do it right. Even if I only drop by Target and go to Sonic Happy Hour. Plus, I totally needed a remix. Look! I'm twirling! Whee!

Here's how I wore this blazer last week! I don't know if it's going to look good with a skirt, but I'm digging the monochrome on top.

How did YOU re-wear this week? Link up below! Yay!!

Friday Favorites Remix :: A Striped Skirt

I actually had planned to wear this outfit weeks ago, and for some reason or another, it never happened. I ended up wearing the skirt last week with a completely different everything. So when a random cold front blew through last night and made it a bit chilly, I thought it would be perfect to pull out for Friday remix!

This sweater is from Wet Seal about a zillion years ago, but I can't seem to get rid of it. I love the little lady like details of the bow and beads. It makes a nice layering piece.

 And in case you were wondering what the Friday Favorites Remix IS, I choose a piece of my wardrobe from last week and wear it again in a new way. I don't know what the difference between "wearing again" and "remix" is, the only idea I came up with is that when you wear something again, you wear it in the same fashion as the first time....and when you "remix" you're finding a new way to wear the same piece. So here's how I wore it last week -

And now, I want to see how you're remixing your favorite pieces from week to week! Y'all link up below and show off your amazing re-wearing skills. Just pick something you've worn recently and give it new life. PS - for now, I'm going to keep the same linky thing until I find something I like better, so feel free to submit new links every week and show everyone some love.