Wear Now, Wear Later :: Suede Booties

The second August hit, I started seeing people Tweet about OMGBOOTS all over the place. Don't get me wrong, I love my boots and can't wait to start layering up, but as long as it's hot y'all need to slow your roll. However, I do think booties are a great way to start "falling up" your ensembles while it's still warm. So I created two looks using these adorable Palmer booties from JustFab to help you wait out the cold weather.



Booties are cute with skirts and shorts while the weather is still a little warm. I love adding them sans socks to a casual outfit for shopping or patio time.



When the weather cools down, layer socks over leggings with your booties for a fun fall look. I love chunky vests and felt hats and can't wait to pull these out when the time is right. Yes, I almost overheated while taking these photos...notice how I only stepped two feet outside the front door? I ran back to the air conditioner after I decided I had enough snaps! Don't try this at home, kids.

As far as the booties, I LOVE these! JustFab just introduced their new Luxe line today, which features real suede and leather shoes and boots. Their prices are only a little above the normal JF pricing, making them really affordable (these are only $60!). I found Palmer to be true to size and super comfortable for a day of errand running. I love these little booties and can't wait to wear them all fall and winter! Shop the rest of the collection here.

Booties, c/o JustFab.

AJ Wears :: A floral tank dress

Today's post was going to be about wearability, until I saw how short this dress ended up being. I have no business explaining wearability to anyone in a dress this short. I'm not apologizing for it either. I like short dresses, and I've always gotten in trouble for it. I like to explain it away by saying, "But I'M short, so I have to wear shorter things to make my legs look longer and thus, make me look taller."

No doubt, this was an outfit more suited to girls night out or a fashion show, but when I get dressed in the morning, I pretty much just put on what I feel like for the day, regardless of what I'll actually be DOING. I'm happy to report I went to the studio to record my radio show for the day, and then dropped by Target to pick up a meat tenderizer and toilet paper. SO GLAMOROUS!

Then some dude asked if I needed help with my car. After explaining I was fine, just taking pictures of my outfit, he offered to take them for me and I curled up in a ball and died politely declined. Who's the weirdo now, y'all? It's me. It's aaaaalllllllways me.

Dress, Forever 21.
Vest, H&M.
Booties, Chassidy by JustFab.
Bag, Portfolio by JustFab.

AJ Wears :: An Anorak

Rainy day rule #1 - if you look good, you will feel good. I often tell people the only thing that gets me out of bed on a rainy day is something fun and bright. So when I found this retina-searing anorak at The Limited, I had to have it. Sure, it came in much more practical colors like khaki and navy, but what's so fun about that?

Since it only rained this morning, I ditched the Hunters for some sassy black booties. We did some shopping at the Promenade and then I ate a burger with macaroni and cheese on top of it from The House. Man. Life is good.

Good news if you want a little anorak for yourself - they're currently on sale at The Limited! It was actually cheaper in store - so you might want to check there first.

Jacket, The Limited.
Pants, Life in Progress.
Tee, The Limited.
Boots, JustFab.