AJ Wears :: An Animal Print

Animal prints are like, SO IN for fall (When are they not? Could someone please explain??). So when I do animal, I do it up. I want an ANIMAL PRINT *ON* my ANIMAL PRINT. Go the extra mile with fashion, you guys.  Don't be lame.

The backstory on this dress is, I actually wore this last night to the movies but my stupid camera was out of batteries so I put it back on this morning for a quick shoot. And dang, it's hot. Speaking of hot, we saw The Heat and I daresay it was the funniest movie I've seen all year. I just really love Melissa McCarthy (SOOKIE!!!) though.

The backstory on these sandals is, I freaking loved the Isabel Marant sandals the first time I saw them. I was thinking, "Oh, they're probably Jeffrey Campbell or something, $200 is a lot for sandals but when you're in love, it's meant to be!" JUST KIDDING THEY WERE OVER $1000 FREAKING DOLLARS. No ma'am, Pam. I went on a Twitter rant about anyone who would spend $1000 on sandals and then moped the rest of the summer until I managed to find these knock-offs on eBay. Do I condone the buying of knock-offs? Honestly, in this case, I do. These will fall apart by the time they are soooooo out so I'm going to enjoy them the rest of the summer. I just think they look awesome.

Belt, H&M.
Sandals, eBay (exact, only $25!).
Bag, Kate Spade (exact on sale).

What I Wore :: Casual Meeting

I spent a good portion of my evening at Starbucks this evening teaching fellow blogger It's Worth Reading everything I could think of about Blogger. A casual meeting hardly calls for full suit - I chose this funky H&M dress (it has zebras on it! awesomesauce!) and some reasonable mustard sandals (old, from Payless. Belt unknown.)

I love this dress because it's a breezy jersey fabric and a great a-line shape with just a slight hi-lo hem. It's ridiculously comfy and cool but for some reason, looks polished and awesome. I know H&M doesn't sell online, but I did just buy it in Boston (and there were other great patterns, under $20!) so you should be able to find it in stores.

My gorgeous birthday bag from Just Fabulous. It's kind of a 3-for-1 bag because that inner part comes out (used as a clutch yesterday) or you can wear just the purple, or both together. I love a muli-wear bag.

I'm sorry I can't tell you where this belt is from. I'm a little obsessed with it. I bought it after the first Sex and the City movie where Carrie wore a similar studded belt and it's been in my closet rotation ever since!