Friday Favorites Remix :: Black and White Blazer

Back to Life! Back to Reality! (omg click this) We'll end the week with a remix. Except, the past two weeks have kind of ALL been a remix so I just pulled from one of my recent Friday Faves and threw this blazer on.

I tend to dress this blazer up, so I kind of wish I'd tried flats or Chucks with today's remix after looking back at the other outfits. I should also try more color with it. That's why I love these remixes! They give me ideas!

How did you guys remix this week?? Link up below!

Friday Favorites Remix :: The white suit

Y'all, I should probably just go back to bed today. I can't seem to get anything going for me - including my outfit. I'm not saying I HATE it...I just don't love it. And since Fridays are supposed to be all about my favorite pieces, I'm trying to figure out why this didn't work. Maybe it's the shirt. I just had to have it when I saw it at Target a few months ago but have struggled to actually style it. I loved these two separates as a suit last time I wore them together - but this time I'm all Saturday Night Fever meets "Hi, can I paint your house?".

Maybe it's the shoes. I'll never know - they can't all be winners. But I wore this out of the house and people saw me in it, so it's a valid outfit and for some reason I still feel like sharing. Here's how I wore both of these pieces last week. Come to think of it, this would have looked darling with that striped shirt.

How did you guys remix this week? Did you have more success than I did?

Friday Favorites Remix :: Red stripe dress

 This red striped dress was a big hit last week! In light of cooler weather, I thought it would be fun to remix by layering under another dress. I feel like normal people who read blogs always ask if anyone really does the layering dresses or dresses as a skirt/top thing, so the answer is - yes. I do, anyway. And this combo was actually pretty comfy. Look at my ladybug shoes (that's what my husband called them).

 Pretty standard outfit - went to Arby's and the mall and picked up a few birthday gifts for my husband, whose birthday is today! Happy b-day, BB! Go's your birthday...Anyway, this was a perfect little errand running outfit and I love how adding a second dress gave it a fresh vibe. Turns out this LBD I got for Austin is pretty dang versatile. And here's how I wore the stripes last week!

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