30 for 30 Recap :: The Outfits

Well, I have finally finished the 30 for 30 Wardrobe Remix Challenge and I can honestly say, I'm not sad to see it go. I've learned a LOT from the challenge though, and I'm so glad I took it on. I think if I do it again, it'll be in the fall, because layering would make this all the easier. 30 looks in the summer really starts to look the same! But on to the outfits: 30 pieces, 30 outfits.

So there they are! All thirty! So let's get on to what I learned, what I liked, hated, and what I would do differently next time.

What I loved: This challenge actually was just that - a CHALLENGE. It really forced me to get a lot more creative with my wardrobe and think of new ways and new combinations to wear things that I wouldn't have previously tried. The day I wore the coral top with coral shorts or the maxi skirt as a dress is a great example.

What I hated: I feel like I didn't have enough shoes! I decided to take on this challenge while traveling, which made my shoe choices much more conservative than they would have been. And I'm a shoe girl, too, so I was dying to pull out different shoes to really amp up some of the outfits. I also just got tired of these clothes.

What I learned: I learned a lot about what I like about certain pieces and why I reach for them again and again. This has made me a lot more conscious in my shopping. I've noticed myself putting back loud, "one time" wear items that would only make it to one girls night out then spend the rest of it's life in my closet. Instead, I've been grabbing great mixable pieces that are made well, in classic shapes and colors. I want to build a closet that practically works for me.

What I'd do differently: My biggest shortcoming in this challenge all came down to what I picked. Since it was my first time, I feel I chose a lot more conservatively than I would wear every day. I also picked too many similar things - two pairs of light jeans, two white shirts, three pink shirts, all neutral shoes. It made it hard not to make outfits monotonous when different pieces look the same. Next time, I won't worry so much about building outfits ahead of time and what will match what and I'll worry about picking pieces I love and want to mix up. Finally, I really am not sure I'll include shoes next time. Honestly, I know they're a necessary part of an outfit you can't leave out so they technically should be part of the 30, but it was way too annoying for me to leave all of my gorgeous shoes while I did this challenge, especially since I had to pick sensible flats instead of my beloved heels. I think shoes can make the outfit, so it was really hard for me to wear the boring ones I'd picked.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and would definitely consider doing it again. But for now, I can't wait to wear everything else in my closet.

30x30 :: A Wardrobe Remix Party!

Huzzah! It's officially here! My 30th outfit from my 30 for 30 Wardrobe Remix Challenge. I've decided today's look should be festive and fun, so I pulled out one of the oldest tricks in the book - maxi skirt to dress.
I was actually a little shocked when I pulled this skirt up to try it as a dress. The shorter lining lent itself well to make the dress seem ladylike but not too long (ie, frumpy). And the flow of the skirt is actually quite fabulous. The concept is simple - find a longer skirt, pull up over your boobs, add a belt. This is a great way to get more out of your wardrobe, especially traveling. Just check and make sure there isn't a slit. That could get awkward.

So yay! That's it, 30 outfits from 30 items. I've learned a lot from this challenge and I'll share a recap of all of the outfits and my insights to the whole 30 for 30 thing tomorrow. But for now, this cocktail party needs a celebratory jump.

Forever 21 Maxi as dress, Limited Wrap Belt, Zara sandals, Part of a JustFab bag.

30x29 :: Back in the Saddle

Hey y'all. You like my semi-Texas Tuxedo? I'm finally back from Boston and decided to celebrate in true southern style : denim on denim.

So, Boston was amazing. I am obsessed with really active cities, so every time I head north I am amazed by how many people I see biking, running, walking, on the rivers...it's just so fantastic! I even ran into an outdoor gym, which I thought was about the coolest thing ever.

What was not the coolest thing ever was that I didn't get to see much of the city because I was at the conference working hard. It was an absolutely amazing conference though, and worth every hour we put into it. So it's no excuse, but I promise, y'all did not want to see my outfits from the week. I didn't have time to take a pic anyway.

The good news is, I am back now, and I AM ALMOST DONE with 30x30! I really wanted to finish before I left, because it's kind of awkward to have that big week break, but alas I did not so let's knock this out of the park today and tomorrow.

Necklace, XXI. Shirt, Old Navy. Shorts, Limited. Belt, bag, unknown. Bracelets, BaubleBar. Wedges, JustFab.