Friday Fashion Remix :: Black and white pants

Hola, dudes! Today's remix comes to you by the fact that I love these pants and just wanted to wear them again. You saw that coming, right? I definitely wanted to dress them up a little bit this time, so a lunch and tour of the Oscar de la Renta exhibit at the Clinton Library were the perfect excuse to get them out.

 I was in Walmart picking up some towels after lunch and this lady said, "Girl! You Work. That. Outfit." I said, "Girl, I will." And work I did.

The other bloggers at the lunch pointed out that my shoes matched the exhibit, and it was perfect that I wore a suit because Oscar was guy who suggested pant suits be Hilary's "thing"! Kismet, I tell ya. Not even planned. I'll have a post up later today with my adventures from today's lunch.

Here's how I wore these pants last week.

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