AJ Wears :: A skirt and scarf

Hi from Hollis College in Rosewood, Pennsylvania! Just kidding. Any Pretty Little Liars fans out there?? We spent the day touring the studios at Warner Brothers and then attended a taping of Conan! Here's what I wore all day.

Mornings and evenings in LA(ish) can be cool, so I started the day in a scarf and ditched it for the tour once it got warm. We finished the day on Rodeo Drive, after hours. My husband thought he was SO SMART taking me to Rodeo after everything was closed! He was. He forgets I don't make enough to buy anything Hermes, even with my freelance gigs. But I did have fun ogling Chanel gloves and picking out my next Birkin. After, we found a cool little place called State Social House on Sunset and enjoyed some cocktails and chorizo potato skins...followed by gelato at Caffe Primo down the street. Okay, now for some more highlights from WB Studios.

We were on the studio tour while Pretty Little Liars was taping! They were working on a special black&white episode and there were pink golf carts everywhere. I didn't see Aria OR Mr. Fitz, but I did see that A had left his/her mark on the golfcarts with little acts of vandalism. Such a cute touch.

 HARRY POTTER, anyone?? The tour stops by a garage with actual vehicles used in movies like Get Smart, Batman, and Austin Powers. I couldn't resist posing with this car from Chamber of Secrets.

The Big Bang Theory stages were being used too! This is where I saw Johnny Galecki's Tesla. He was apparently doing a walk thru for the week's show. I can't believe he didn't have time for a few pictures and coffee. The nerve.

I highly recommend the WB Studio Tour! It's a little under $50 for a 2.5 hour tour, and our guide was awesome and gave us tickets to Conan for after. She also asked everyone on the tour what they loved so she could focus on those - I was her only PLL fan and her only Hart of Dixie fan, but she totally gave me the VIP tour. We even got to see the set for Lavon's house on Hart of Dixie! I touched the counter and was like..."waaaaaaade sat here." If you haven't seen it, you must. So cute.

Conan was great too - Zooey Deschanel was the guest. She was adorable but awkward. I totally get that vibe. It's very similar to my own.

Next stop - San Francisco! I'm sorry I'm not hosting the Friday Favorites today - but we'll be back on schedule next week when I'm back to normal. Please feel free to share your links in the comments anyway and y'all all support each other and see how people are remixing! I'm living out of a carry on right now, so I'm the remix queen. Gurl.