Sometimes I shop :: August Budget

After a two month hiatus, I'm back in budget blogger land! Honestly, I don't know if I over spent the last two months or not (I mean, probably) because I kept losing my notes and had no idea how much I spent. But this month, I was laying pretty low on the shopping front because of the Closet Purge, so it was easier to keep track of my conquests. So here's where the moolah went ::

I actually had a deficit to work with this time! I sold almost $100 worth of clothes to Plato's and had a $25 giftcard from a blog post I did, so I had some extra spending money this month. I also didn't do as much impulse shopping this month. Almost every purchase was premeditated. So my total was $211, which isn't too bad. It's over, but I do think I won a little cash at the slots so that made up for that. I certainly still have money in the bank.

For fall, I plan on staying on track by keeping a very specific fall wishlist in place. I've been making notes for a few weeks on some key items I'm looking for, so I'm hoping that will curb impulse buys and help me find really great pieces.

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