Friday Favorites Remix :: Mint Shorts

Hola! Today's remix popped into my head this morning when I was thinking about how I wanted to wear this shirt I picked up at the E.Leigh's tent sale last week. I don't think I own enough mint, so I picked this up (because peplum, duh) and have been trying to decide how to style it since.

Luckily for me, I ran across these mint shorts when looking through my archives for ideas for this week's remix and the lightbulb went off. WHAT IF I WORE MINT ON MINT?? This is what. Now you know. I actually quite liked it for a really girly summer look. I tried to put more interesting shoes with it, but the top is so froofy I felt like it needed to be the only thing competing in the outfit. It's also very delicate lace that keeps getting caught on things, so I should wear it while I can before I snag a giant hole in the front. Here's how I wore these fun shorts last week! Seriously should have bought them in every color. NEXT YEAR, LIMITED!

How did you guy re-wear this week? This is always my favorite part of the week, checking out your fabulous outfits! Link up below and show your blog sisters some love.