Closet Confessions :: The purge begins

I've been spending the past few months cleaning out my closet and trying to refine my personal style. You can read the whole journey here.

It's week two of my closet confessions! The great purge has officially begun. Fueled by my complete disgust of

The Inventory

and a desire to fit all of my clothes into one closet, I've started trimming the fat and piling everything up.

Woof. That's only about 1/3 of the pile. But we have to get started SOMEWHERE. So I started by following some pretty strict purge rules.

I started with the easiest category first. It was the only way to not feel overwhelmed. For me, that was purses. I tried to really think about which ones I actually CARRY and which ones I reach for the most, versus the ones that only get use when they go with a random outfit. This got me in the "spirit" of giving and I was ready to tackle the closet.

When it came to the closet, I did an initial grazing to get rid of things I knew I wanted to get rid of. After the starter purge, I went back section by section and really examined each piece. I had to ask myself a lot of questions about anything I wanted to keep - was I keeping it for sentimental reasons? Because I thought it MIGHT fit again some day? Because I spent a lot of money on it? Because I used to like it and might again? I've learned a lot about my closet since I started blogging and that helped with the purge a little. If I had a hard time letting go of anything, I thought long and hard about whether I'd actually wear it or not. Only a few things made the cut that weren't "absolute favorites" because I wanted to give them one more shot, but I think I'll revisit them later.

I haven't made the count to see how much I've cut yet, because I'm still working through the piles and setting things aside to either sell or donate. This is turning into a long process, but I am happy to report all of my clothes fit in one closet now! I plan on doing a more detailed post on what to purge along with my numbers, but I wanted to get an update in.

Seriously though, this stuff is hard! And takes a lot of time! My house is a disaster at the moment.