Closet Confessions :: Inventory Update

I've been spending the past few months cleaning out my closet and trying to refine my personal style. You can read the whole journey here.

Hi friends! I didn't get a closet confessions up last week, because I didn't really DO anything last week towards my closet. I did take a giant bag of my stuff down to Texas for my mom and sister to dig through, so that was a little more purging, but I knew the next step was counting and seeing where I was in my inventory.

So if you recall, the last inventory was 794 pieces total. UGH. So I got in my closet and started counting today so I could update everyone on how I've done with three rounds of purging so far.

I forgot to draw purses on the update, but I purged those from 47 down to 19, FYI. And I didn't lose any sweatshirts, so that number is steady at 6. The sweater number is non-existent because they're all currently in storage. That brings the total to 594, so that means I successfully purged at least 200 things!

Now, there are some skewed numbers here, because as I was counting the first time I kept just FINDING things. All over the place. I'd think I was done, and then I'd empty a box and there were 15 more pairs of boots unaccounted for. So this is all just a best guesstimate. The shoe number is by far the most disappointing, also left off the new graphic on accident - 177 down to 174. I know I actually DID get rid of quite a few shoes, but I hadn't counted any boots at that point because they were in storage and forgotten. So after pulling out my boots, I still have less than I did before, so it's a move in the right direction. I did mention I wasn't planning on purging many shoes.

So...I'm torn. I'm proud that I've been able to rid myself of so much, but I really thought it was more than that. IT FELT like more than that. The good news is, I have managed to fit all of my clothes into one closet now, so that's a move in the right direction. Before, I had sweaters and dresses in a closet by themselves.

Next week, I'm going to get down and dirty with how I organize my closet, so that should be fun.