AJ Wears :: Stripes and shorts

Some days, simple is better. When I'm not thinking, especially during summer, I throw on shorts and a top and I'm out the door. Casual, flats or sandals. Dressier, pumps. It's kind of fool proof.

Latest shoes from JustFab - I love these studded beauties! They're a little fall-forward for August, but I couldn't wait to bust them out, honestly. At least they aren't booties (you'll get those soon enough). I ordered true to size and found them to fit similar to JF's Joss.

But seriously, besides the shoes, it doesn't get more summer than that. True story. In other news, I've decided I like lipstick now, even though it rubs all over the place and only looks good 10 minutes after you put it on. Woot.

Shirt, The Limited (love this one from Asos - on sale!).
Shorts, NY&Co (on sale!).
Shoes, Vivienne by JustFab.
Bag, Midtown by JustFab.