AJ Wears :: Black and white pants

Randomly last season, I decided I wanted pants that were black on back and white on front. I have no idea where on earth I got this idea or where I saw these pants, but when they magically appeared on Target's instagram a few weeks ago, I was on a mission (and I knew I wasn't crazy).

Then, Blair featured them as part of her Target style guide and I flipped. NOW EVERYONE IS GOING TO BUY THEM AND I'LL NEVER GET A PAIR. I couldn't find them anywhere at my own Target and all they had online was petite (although, that might have been what I needed).

Then magic of magic, the fashion gods were with me and I found a pair at the Target by my parents' house when I went home this weekend. I snatched them up and used my last $20 bill to secure them. I've already worn them once over the weekend with heels, but somehow when I went to look for shoes today I couldn't stop eying these ridonkulous cheetah wedge sneakers. These pants are already more versatile than I'd anticipated. I'm going to wear them every day.

Vest, Dillard's.
Sneakers, ShoeDazzle.