AJ Wears :: Anchor Shorts

Two things - I don't know what's happening. I remember Arkansas in August as moving into my dorm, sweating off about 25 lbs, and barely making it up and down the dorm stairs. So imagine my surprise at an Arkansas August that's amazing enough to sit on the patio at 4pm and then you need a sweater by 9! I'm in love. Secondly, today's ensemble is super chill but this is what I wear to run errands and patio drink. These espadrilles were an earlier summer purchase, but then I stepped in a giant mud puddle while I was walking my dog and almost destroyed them! After a Dawn and Shout bath, they're almost as good as new. To be honest, I really wanted the Tory Burch espadrilles, but they sold out and I'm not a gazillionare. Thanks, TJ Maxx!

PS - I accidentally published this like, last week. So if you've already seen it...oops! SAHRY. :)

Shorts, TJ Maxx.
Flats, Franco Sarto via TJ Maxx. 
Cardi, Target.