Pin to Real Life :: Rachel Bilson's Short look

There's nothing wrong with pulling a little inspiration from Pinterest every now and then. I have a whole board (Every Girl is a Carrie, as in, Carrie Bradshaw) that I draw inspiration from when I've hit a creative wall. So I'm excited to link up today with Sarah's Real Life for her Pin to Real Life challenge! I've had this inspo on my board for a while - Rachel Bilson has always been a fashion DO for me and has impeccable street style, so I decided to remake her shorts + blazer look (a favorite of mine anyway). PS - we're actually the same height, so I love to draw inspiration from her because the proportions are usually great for me too!

Pretty simple concept - but I love the look! The only thing I'd change is since it's summer, I think I'd wear an open toe bootie or a strappy sandal with this look next time. Also, her shorts have me thinking I might dye these red! Pink can be a tough color to wear and I think I might get more mileage out of a red pair. Then again, I saw a red pair at Limited today I could just go pick up too.

Have you ever copied an outfit exactly from Pinterest? Or do you prefer to just use it as a jumping point and make an outfit your own? Are these questions making you feel like you're reading a blog about a small town girl from Kansas?

Make sure you check out Sarah's PINspiring look today and see who else has been remaking their pins!