AJ Wears :: Shorts and Peplum

Y'all, this has not been my month for taking pictures. I thought I found the most stealthy spot today and about 2.5 seconds after my first shot this girl comes out and sits right there watching me on her smoke break. Needless to say, I shot about four pictures and bolted. Add in the fact that I chose to straighten my hair on the most humid day of the year, and that this top looks like I'm trying to squeeze into a four-year-old's dress, and I'm not even sure if I'll post this or not.

 That's it. That's all you get. And for the record, this was my test shot. BRB QUITTING BLOGGING.

Top, Forever 21.
Shorts, The Limited.
Sandals, JustFab.
Bag, Coach.
Smirk, Born with it.