AJ Wears :: Red, White, and Blue

Happy 4th of July, everyone! I'm busy stuffing my face with hamburgers and hot dogs (and whatever else I can get my hands on) but had time to post a quick patriotic outfit for Independence Day.

I originally made this skirt a few years ago for the 4th after seeing an adorable dress that was stripes on top, full skirt on bottom from Lulu's. I didn't want to spend $50 on it, and I knew even if I did it wouldn't make it in time for the festivities, so I bought some fabric instead and made just the skirt! It's come in pretty handy for other things (like Razorback games) so it was definitely worth the time...which was basically cutting a circle out of fabric and sewing a waist on it. I always feel bad when people are like, "OMGWHEREDUGETTHATSKIRT???" and I'm like..."I made it...." and then you can just see the disappointment on their faces, because they're like..."Who the heck makes their own clothes anymore? I'd rather just go naked."

I hope you all have a fabulous holiday. Wear your sunscreen and don't blow anyone up. I'm linking up with Walking in Memphis in High Heels for her Trend Spin link up today too, check out all of the red white and blue! It'll make your face light up like a sparkler! Or a roman candle! Or maybe you'll just be like, cool.

Denim Jacket, H&M.
Shirt, Forever.
Skirt, Handmade.
Wedges, JustFab.