AJ Wears :: A floral tank dress

Today's post was going to be about wearability, until I saw how short this dress ended up being. I have no business explaining wearability to anyone in a dress this short. I'm not apologizing for it either. I like short dresses, and I've always gotten in trouble for it. I like to explain it away by saying, "But I'M short, so I have to wear shorter things to make my legs look longer and thus, make me look taller."

No doubt, this was an outfit more suited to girls night out or a fashion show, but when I get dressed in the morning, I pretty much just put on what I feel like for the day, regardless of what I'll actually be DOING. I'm happy to report I went to the studio to record my radio show for the day, and then dropped by Target to pick up a meat tenderizer and toilet paper. SO GLAMOROUS!

Then some dude asked if I needed help with my car. After explaining I was fine, just taking pictures of my outfit, he offered to take them for me and I curled up in a ball and died politely declined. Who's the weirdo now, y'all? It's me. It's aaaaalllllllways me.

Dress, Forever 21.
Vest, H&M.
Booties, Chassidy by JustFab.
Bag, Portfolio by JustFab.