Look at these Warby Parker glasses

First things first - I'm totally blind. I've been wearing glasses since first grade and my vision has gotten steadily worse with age. I went to the eye doctor recently to upgrade my prescription and look into getting new glasses...I think the smart dork look would really suit me. I've been thinking about ordering a try on box from Warby Parker to see if I could find something, so when they contacted me and asked for my help to launch their new Ocean Avenue collection I was like, Okay, cool.

LOOK AT THESE PRETTY PEOPLE WEARING GLASSES. Just casually hanging out on the boardwalk, looking at something, except that one girl who is totally Jim Halperting the camera. I was going to take the time to photoshop some of the glasses on my face, but I got distracted and put them on a picture of my dog instead.

Isn't she adorable? Those are the Winston shades in ginger lemonade. I'm thinking poolside, retro bathing suit, and a beach cocktail. I love the yellow color...it's unique and not TOO yellow, you know?

I KNOW I was supposed to be picking out prescription frames, but I got distracted by the sunglasses. It's summer and I'm on the beach, so I have kind of a one-track mind right now (even though I really don't even get to go outside). I like these:

I love the funky dalmatian/cow/tortoise print they've got going on there. They're technically men's, (Preston) but whatever, I'm super quirky like Zooey Deschanel and I do what I want. Oh, just kidding. They're women's too. Just found the link. Ding!

Speaking of links, check this one out. It has the whole Ocean Avenue collection and if you need me, I'll be there shopping and trying to decide which pair I want.