Friday Favorites Remix :: A thrifted purple skirt

Hurrah! Another Friday, another remix. Since last week's "How to wear clothes that are too small for you" tutorial was such a success (and y'all loved this skirt so much) I decided to show another way I wear skirts that don't actually fit me.

Tying up a shirt over your tiny skirt is another way to trick people into thinking you're wearing your clothes properly. I love these types of shirts that have ties already - I've bought a few from Forever for cheap and they're great for layering over dresses and skirts for something a little different. I knew I wanted to use one of these tied crops today, so I started with this orange one and some nude sandals. It was a WHOLE LOTTA COLOR. Man, I was just a walking blob. So I opted to swap that for this fun printed top and slingbacks for a more vintage feel.

The print on this shirt is too adorable. I love the black piping, too. It's like 50s rockabilly meets cowgirl meets tween because I totally got it at Forever 21. I love it because it actually ties lower on the waist instead of a crop, so you can wear it with normal pants instead of just high-waisted things if you've an aversion to showing people your belly button.

And here's how I wore this skirt last week!

How did you guys re-wear and re-style this week? Link up below!