Friday Favorites Remix :: Striped Blazer

Y'all. I LOVE this blazer. I don't know why I bought it, years ago, but it's absolutely one of my favorite pieces. It's that delicious stretchy jersey material so it's ridiculously comfy, and I seem to wear it year round. So seeing as how it's definitely a favorite - it was a no brainer for today's remix.

I found these anchor shorts at TJ Maxx when I was in Dallas and have been hanging on to them just waiting for summer. I'm aware that stripes + anchors is just about as much nautical anyone can take, so I went with pink instead of anything too "red white and blue".

What's with this look on my face? I think I might have accidentally taken this shot. Anywaysies, here's how I wore this blazer last week! Still mixing prints with bright colors. I might need some help breaking out of my shell this summer.

How did you guys re-wear your favorite pieces this week?? Link up below!