AJ Wears :: Traveling pants

This week might be strange and sporadic. I've traveled to Hilton Head, South Carolina for work this week so while I'm hoping I can post some cute outfits and maybe some travel tips, sometimes things just get weird. Or backed up. I snapped these on my balcony this afternoon when I got in - this was my airport outfit for the day. My coziest, most comfortable jeans - gold loafers - and a peplum and blazer that as it turns out, make me look incredibly short waisted. Go figure.

I like to wear my bulkier or unnecessary items when I'm traveling so I don't have to pack them and take up room in my suitcase. I threw on the blazer just for fun and some extra color to add to my outfits this week - the boyfriend jeans won't be worn the most often, but I love them and they're so soft they feel like pajamas, so they're perfect for travel. Once I arrived on the island, it was HOT so I tossed the jacket and jeans for some shorts and sandals. I later spilled steak sauce on this white shirt. So, so me.

So I hope I can show y'all some cute outfits this week. We'll find out.