AJ Wears :: Something super summery

I know you thought I'd never wear this skirt again (don't click on that link, it'll make you miss my long hair). And to be honest, as much as I loved it I wasn't sure it was the most re-wearable item in my closet. I had a vision of me wearing it with a hat though, so today I decided to suffer through some hat hair and see what we could come up with.

CHECK OUT MY POSE SKILLZ. I remember this hat being a lot cuter on me. Now it almost looks too tall for my head. I only chose photos where I didn't look like a conehead or straw thumb for today's blog post.

As for you nay-sayers who are like, "Why are you frolicking in a field?", this is actually the empty lot next to my house. One day it will be a luxury patio home that looks identical to every other house in the neighborhood, but for now, it's a field with pretty weeds in it. And as much as I appreciate the color they're adding to this photo,  I also suspect it's a great place for spiders and snakes to hide...of which I am not as much of a fan.

Hat, Target (old).
Skirt, c/o eShakti.
Wedges, does it matter, you can't see them anyway.
Necklace, BaubleBar.