AJ Wears :: Seersucker shorts

If the weather is below 90 at all, I try to do something interesting with my outfit. Especially if I'm going from AC house to AC car to AC Target. 90+ and you'll find me in shorts and a tank or a sleeveless dress, so if I can make it interesting just a few days this summer, I'm going to.

Today's ensemble is simple enough - my most comfortable shorts (seriously, bordering on pajamas) with chambray (staple - duh) and a little color. I went and picked up some sandals I'd been keeping an eye on at Marshall's and got a sandwich from Walmart, which was ultimately disappointing. The sandwich, not the sandals. Those are awesome and going on my trip to Austin this weekend.

Shorts, Forever 21 (exact).
Shirt, Old Navy (similar).
Blazer, Zara (similar).
Shoes, Sole Society.