AJ Wears :: A purple midi

It's hot, y'all! We've had warmer temps than normal around here this week (90s instead of 80s) so when I'm not hibernating in my cold dark house, I go with skirt + tank top for warmer days.

I picked up this skirt at Goodwill a few weeks ago after I decided I wanted to add some long, full skirts to my wardrobe. Of COURSE I loved this one from Asos, but I figured Goodwill would be a great place to look for this type of skirt, because it might be considered an older or more traditional shape. $4 later, boom. HOWEVER...I got home and it wouldn't button. I decided the best course of action would be to pretend like it fit and just put a belt over it so you couldn't tell. I should do tutorials on how to wear clothes that don't fit.

Skirt, Thrifted.
Tank, Limited.
Belt, Thrifted.
Wedges, JustFab.
Bag, JustFab.