7 Pieces = 7 Outfits

When I first read about the 7X7 Remix, I thought, IMPOSSIBLE! I dismissed the whole idea because I figured I would never be able to make seven outfits out of only seven pieces (including shoes). But for some reason, the whole idea intrigued me anyway so I'm linking up with Putting Me Together today and styling seven pieces - including shoes (I only repeat it because it's painful) - into seven outfits. Except I cheated because I actually have nine. OVERACHIEVER!

Here's what I chose for my 7 :: Two tops (one peplum, one button up - I'll explain why later), one skirt, one pair of jeans, one dress, one layer, and black flats.  And here's what I got out of that:

Not too shabby, right? I was afraid the outfits would start looking the same, but by adding some accessories I think they're all pretty mixed up! Okay, so here's why I chose a peplum and a button up. The button up is a great re-mixing piece because you can layer it over or under almost anything. I even did a look with it layered under the dress but didn't love it - I could have easily tied it over the dress too. This one ties up, but a normal button up is great because you can leave it open, tie it up, tuck it in...the list goes on. I also think peplum tops have a bit of a remixing quality to them because of their shape. You can tuck it into a high-waisted skirt for a new look, or layer it over a dress to create a two piece look. It layers a little differently than a normal tank, which I love.

Here's the thing. I LOVE getting creative and "remixing" my wardrobe. It never would have occurred to me to layer a skirt over a dress if I hadn't been looking for new ways to get more out of the pieces I own. It forces you to be creative with your accessories and look at your wardrobe in a new light. So any time you're feeling uninspired by what's hanging in your closet, try to limit yourself to a few pieces and see what you can come up with! (PS - you can click either the two large collages in this post to make them larger)