Friday Favorites Remix :: Floral Blazer

Look, when I bought this blazer I knew two things - it was beautiful and I had to have it - and the "cost per wear" theory might not be the best way to think about the purchase. Right now we're at $50 a wear. I hope to get it around $20 by the end of the year...but regardless, I love this thing. You guys totally knew I was going to remix this today, didn't you?

Since I wore a skirt last time, I wanted to do pants this time. And since I did it dressier last time, I wanted to see if I could make it a little more casual. Plus, I had a ton to do today running around town so I needed something not too fussy.

What I got was an outfit I think is fun (and comfortable), the ladies at Franke's Cafeteria loved, and something completely different from how I wore the blazer last time. PS - you'll have to forgive my workout hair. I've spent most of the week covered in baby benadryl (my poor pug has allergies) and doing these horrifying Jillian Michael's workouts (swimsuit season or death - whichever comes first) and trying to get all of my work done on only one computer because my power cable to my laptop exploded (okay, it just died but that sounded more dramatic). So when I threw my hair up in a bun to shower this morning (because washing your hair more than once ever five days is for the birds) it looked okay enough to me to go out into the real world. I hate fixing my hair. I contemplate if cutting it off would help though, because then you HAVE to fix it. But would it be less annoying? Blogger probs, man. Anyway - here's how I wore it last week - and link up with your remixes below! WHAT ARE WE LOOKING AT????

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