Friday Favorites Remix :: Coral Studded Vest

I ended up with another week where I didn't have as much to remix. I tried and TRIED to remix those darn floral jeans, but nothing was hitting me so I just threw this on instead. So inspired. So groundbreaking.

Sandra and I were discussing how challenging our lives were last night at dinner and TOTALLY got called out by our friends Amy and Elizabeth. They were all like "OMG! Blogging is so hard! I have to get dressed and then sit back and wait for people to compliment me! It's like a full time job! Getting free stuff takes up so much time!" Touche, sluts.

On that note, sorry this post is so late. I actually have a million excuses, like I went out with my friends instead of blogging and came home to a house without power thanks to a little tornado warning. So we played yahtzee on my ipad and waited for it to come back on. Here's how I wore this vest last week!

How did you re-wear this week? Add your links below, check out everyone else's, and let's all be best friends.