AJ Wears :: That same blazer, again

So, I was on the TV this morning. THV This Morning asked me to come in and talk about ways to style your own clothes to make them feel fresh. I rambled on about this boyfriend blazer for about 45 minutes and then we talked about florals. But that's not the point - the point is, it's cool to be on TV for something other than murder or robbing a cheese factory (not that I would know anything about THAT, ahem).

When it comes to public events - like a photoshoot, tv appearance, or hosting/speech situation, I go with my tried and true favorites. It's not the time to experiment with new looks. I made the mistake on a photoshoot one time of trying some new outfits and I looked pregnant in all of my pictures. You go with what you know works - for me, it's a favorite pair of jeans, a great blazer, and a pair of pumps I know polishes off any outfit. I did randomly decide it was time for me to learn to fill my eyebrows this morning at FIVE AM, which was probably a mistake on the day I'd be making my news debut as a "fashion expert (LOL)".

If you're interested in seeing me blather on about this blazer on TV, I've linked the video below. I came home afterwords to watch it on DVR and decided I didn't look like an idiot, and I like that they supered me "fashionista", so I agreed to do more segments in the future. The best part was, I had time after to go to Starbucks and take a 2-hour nap before work! Now I'm confused and it feels like Thursday. This must be Kim Kardashian's whole LIFE. Thanks for having me, THV!