AJ Wears :: A Sunday Dress

This dress has been hanging in my closet ever since the Gap 40% off clearance sale. I knew I wanted it, I just didn't know when I would WEAR it. BB said it would be a good Sunday dress, and as it turns out, he was absolutely correct. I wore this for a Mother's Day brunch with my in-laws Sunday.

At first I thought I might get creative with it and layer a shirt underneath like they did in the lookbook, or top it with a cardi or some chambray, but I somehow managed to keep it simple and just WEAR THE DRESS. Sometimes blogging makes you forget things like "a dress is already a full outfit" and you try and add things to it to make it more interesting. Don't get me wrong, that creativity is how we make our wardrobes feel fresh, but there's nothing wrong with just wearing the darn thing as it was intended.

I do promise to be more creative with it next time. But I thought it would stand on it's own first. I mean, it's certainly pretty enough to.

Dress, Gap (exact).
Necklace, The Limited.
Shoes, Mulberry by ShoeDazzle.
Bag, Mini Tanner by Coach (exact).

Linking this post up with Favorite Fashion Friday on Penniless Socialite, because this was totally my favorite outfit this week.