AJ Wears :: Stripes on Stripes

It's been unusually cold for May. We broke a low record this weekend and I actually had NO IDEA how to even dress myself. Last year I was in NYC and fully expected cooler weather. This year, my brain can't function and I still have new wedges I haven't worn yet. I ended up going with a tried-and-true favorite of legging pants, striped tee, and fun scarf. I figured some bright flowers on the scarf and fun shoes would make things feel springy (even if the weather wasn't feeling that way).

 Look at Little Rock showing off. Even when it's cold, it's still trying to be gorgeous. We spent the weekend at Made By Few, a conference for tech/design/developer types that was really inspiring. I spent my Saturday at the Clinton Library listening to some amazing people (like that guy who designed the FarCry 3 posters and that guy who founded Threadless). What it reminded me was - I have an amazing job where I have the flexibility to pay the bills and the time to focus on what I love...this blog. I get to be an art director, photographer, graphic designer, and content creator in my free time and I LOVE it. This blog is my passion project, and I'm glad I get to share it with you. Work when others are resting.

Top, Love 21.
Pants, Forever 21.
Flats, ShoeDazzle.
Jacket, Forever 21.
Bag, JustFab.
Scarf, Charlotte Russe.