AJ Wears :: A spring dress

SPRING! SPRING Y'ALL! This dress made a little splash after my drawing of it in my budget post, so I thought it was funny I was wearing it today. After missing out on a b/w striped dress from The Limited, I saw this one at Forever 21 and snatched it up. I told BB it made me feel like I was on a lake picnic or like I should be frolicking on the beach or something. The good news - it's actually from the Love 21 line, so it's big girl sizing! Yay!

I don't wear flats too often, because they bore me. But I'm a smart girl and knew I couldn't last all day at my wedding in heels, so I bought these flats. They're SO CUSHY. And they have bows and sparkles so they're far from boring. If I'm going to do it, imma do it right.

 The end of this story is, I love this dress, it reminds me of Kate Spade for poor people, and it's pretty decently made. I'm already dreaming up other ways to wear it...I do think I'll try to dress it up next time, but a structured bodice + full skirt = classic summer favorite. Until I sweat too much and the stripes all turn yellow. Blast you, Summer! PS - Sorry it's kind of wrinkly. I sit at a desk all day and dog wrangle and I do not steam my clothes after I've already been wearing them. Still holds up pretty decently considering all of that.

Dress, Love 21 (in store, but here's similar in different colors).
Necklace, Target.
Bag, Coach.
Lips, Revlon Lip Butter in Lollipop.