AJ Wears :: Shorts and Rainboots

When we have severe weather in Arkansas, we do it UP. There's a hashtag on Twitter (#arwx) everyone uses to pretend they're a meteorologist or storm chaser, everyone goes and buys bread, milk and eggs just in case the power goes out and you suddenly develop a taste for french toast, and then we all hunker down and watch TV all night while something (or nothing) happens. Everyone speculates about where the safest place in their house is and people leave work at like 2 o'clock. What I'm saying is, if it's going to be a "severe weather event day", the whole town loses its collective mind.

But sadly, some of us still have to leave the house for work and errands and things, so thank goodness for wellies. The weather has been teasing me lately and I have about 4 pairs of new shoes I haven't gotten to wear. IN FACT, I have an entire outfit I've been waiting for the right occasion to wear. I thought today would be the day. It wasn't. True confession :: I actually hate this outfit today after seeing it in pics, but my hair looks good so I had to post.

Then they canceled all of the tornado warnings and it just rained. Glad we're all in the clear. Glad I've got rainboots either way. PS - taking photos, in the pouring rain, on the street, out of the back of your car, is difficult. That's all!

Shorts, The Limited (mine are striped but whatever. here's a pink pair).
Boots, Hunter.
Chambray, Old Navy.
Cardi, Old Navy.