AJ Wears :: A Khaki Blazer

First things first - this blazer makes me feel like I'm in Miami Vice. It's khaki, not white, but the big boxy shape and light color always make me go, hmmmmm. I'm definitely not in Miami, though. I'm standing on the parking deck at Park Plaza Mall in Little Rock, Arkansas. SAME SAME.

 Second things secondly - taking your own pictures is so dumb. I ended up with about 50 shots of my hair in my face and only one or two I'd ever consider putting on this blog. And a khaki jacket against a similarly colored parking lot? BRILLIANT! I was clearly thinking that one through.

Finally, the shoes. I really tried, you guys. I was going to wear flats today. I had them on and everything. But once I got dressed in this olive top, I thought my matching olive shoes were just too good to pass up. And they looked better with the giant blazer. Just so you know, I really do make an effort to wear flats. But I refuse to sacrifice a cute outfit to them. I'm really bad at wearing flats, I'll admit it.

What I am good at is snapping a goofy photo while I'm walking toward the camera to check my photos. Boom.

Blazer, Forever 21 (similar, less boxy).
Top, The Limited.
Jeans, JustFab.
Shoes, ShoeDazzle.