AJ Wears :: A bow tank

I love this tank. I think I bought it at Ross for like $6 when I was at my parents house because I ran out of clothes or something. I'm just so into EMBELLISHMENT, you know? Especially when I tell stories. I talk with my hands and a lot of hyperboles.

This outfit took me patio'ing for the afternoon. We sat out on Revolution's patio and watched people and made harsh judgements on their outfit choices (I'm looking at you, dude in the purple socks with shorts). The weather has been just delightful lately.

Another super discount store find - I picked up these Coach sandals in Dallas at TJ Maxx for $40 - a high price for sandals, but a cheap one for real leather and Coach! I think they were originally listed around $200 so I'm pleased with the purchase. I've found I wear my leather sandals I splurged a bit on more often during the summer, just because they're more comfortable and look less ragged than the pairs I bought at Target. In college. Okay, I might need to examine my sandal wardrobe and make some upgrades this summer. Just rest easy knowing you won't see me in flip flops. Ever.

Tank, Ross (similar).
Skirt, Forever 21 (exact).
Sandals, Coach (These are similar and $30!).
Bag, Coach Mini Willis (exact).