AJ Wears :: Black and White and Red

How DOES one take photos of a perfectly crisp skirt? I thought about ironing this one before I put it on, but then I realized it would look like this anyway after one car ride + seatbelt. I thought about ironing out the wrinkles in photoshop, and then I figured, what's the point? This is what anyone would look like in this outfit. The wrinkles are part of the whole LOOK, people. To be honest, I don't even own an iron. When BB and I started combining our two houses into one, we both assumed the other had a better iron and donated ours. Started with two irons - ended up with zero. Perfect sense!

PS YOU GUYS - How much do you LOVE me in this crop top? LOL! I had a vision of myself wearing a cropped striped tee with high waisted skirts this summer, so I picked one up at XXI. Much to my surprise, I am a really short person and it's long enough on me to be tucked into things. I'm planning on hacking off the bottom and re-hemming it into the proper length for my stumpy torso, but until then it made for a nice striped tee for this outfit. Life is short. So am I. That's why I wear heels all the time - now you know! (5'2", btw).

Shortly after these photos were taken I went and gorged myself on some Outback. G'day, mates.

Tee, Forever 21 (similar).
Skirt, Forever (old).
Wedges, JustFab.
Bag, eBay Coach.