Sometimes I Shop :: April's Budget

Y'all, things are about to get weird. I didn't just go over April's budget, I BLEW IT OUT OF THE WATER. Never mind that I got some amazing pieces. I showed zero self-control this month and worse, I don't even feel guilty.

This month, my husband divided my shopping budget into my own personal spending account. It's where my allotted shopping $$$ goes, as well as any freelance money I happen to earn. So while I went over my "set budget", I didn't spend beyond my means because, hey! I was just using the money in my account. No, this doesn't justify it. But it does help explain where that money came from. So much for my original idea of only spending my budget and saving the rest for big purchases.

This kind of helps draw out where the moola went. What's not shown here :: any beauty buys (lipstick, hair stuff, etc) or anything I bought on my shopping weekend with my mom and sister. I'd set aside funds specifically for that weekend and had about 4 freelance checks clear that week so I had way, WAY more cash than I normally would and that was a special occasion. If you're interested in seeing where even more money went, the haul video is here. So since I'm not counting that with my monthly spending budget - I'm only $200 over. Which is a lot. I went spring freaking shopping crazy this month.

The good news is, I love everything I bought this month. The bad news is, Fran is gonna kick my butt. I'm linking up with her budgeting bloggers this month, even though the word "budget" really didn't even cross my mind.