Friday Favorites Remix :: A Striped Skirt

I actually had planned to wear this outfit weeks ago, and for some reason or another, it never happened. I ended up wearing the skirt last week with a completely different everything. So when a random cold front blew through last night and made it a bit chilly, I thought it would be perfect to pull out for Friday remix!

This sweater is from Wet Seal about a zillion years ago, but I can't seem to get rid of it. I love the little lady like details of the bow and beads. It makes a nice layering piece.

 And in case you were wondering what the Friday Favorites Remix IS, I choose a piece of my wardrobe from last week and wear it again in a new way. I don't know what the difference between "wearing again" and "remix" is, the only idea I came up with is that when you wear something again, you wear it in the same fashion as the first time....and when you "remix" you're finding a new way to wear the same piece. So here's how I wore it last week -

And now, I want to see how you're remixing your favorite pieces from week to week! Y'all link up below and show off your amazing re-wearing skills. Just pick something you've worn recently and give it new life. PS - for now, I'm going to keep the same linky thing until I find something I like better, so feel free to submit new links every week and show everyone some love.