Friday Favorites Remix :: Floral Chambray Shirt

It's that time again! Time to remix something I love for Friday. This floral chambray shirt was a clear favorite with you guys, so I decided to give it another shot with a warmer weather outfit.

I love these leather shorts, and I definitely want to wear them a few times before it gets too sticky. I swear, we go from freezing to flaming every other day around here. I'd love a little consistency, Arkansas! Thanks! Anyway, here's how I wore it last time.

And here's a picture of my umbrella photo-bombing my photo. I had to rig it to my tripod so it wouldn't get wet. Actually, while I'm putting in requests, I'm getting a little bored with all of the rain too, Arkansas. Let's cut that out, shall we?

I had several of you mention you'd be interested in a link up, so let's do this! Remix something you wore recently on a Friday and leave your link below - I just found this random link up thing so if anyone has a recommendation for something better, please let me know. I thought we'd at least try it out while we see if anyone wants to link up :)