AJ Wears :: Jeans and a Tee

While I do wear every outfit (or I would, if it's a special post) on my blog, my day to day clothing can be pretty basic. On an average work day, I wake up, change into yoga pants, and walk from the bedroom to my office. I'll put on real pants to run errands or if I need to run to downtown to do some work - but if my plans don't extend beyond that, I'm usually pretty casual. Today I woke up, had a morning meeting with some banana bread, got dressed, dropped by the radio station for lunch to do some voice tracking, and went back home to work some more. Tonight, I'll make some dinner and perhaps go to the gym. Nothing to get dressed up for.

My off-duty look is usually a t-shirt or fun sweatshirt with my most comfortable jeans and something flat. I like a large bag to carry everything - camera, ipad, phone, snacks, etc - and this one from JustFab is HUGE and might become my new favorite carry all. I usually throw on a fun necklace or scarf to make the whole thing more presentable, but I can get pretty casual if I know I'm not going to see anyone or do anything. Most days, I wouldn't bother taking a picture of any of these outfits, but I thought it was important to show what I like to wear when I'm not "on-call", if you will. I love getting dressed up and making fun outfits, but no one can live like that every.single.day. Sometimes, you've gotta just chill out, and that's okay too. PS - these jeans from JF are definitely becoming a fast favorite. The waist is high enough that I never feel exposed, and they're just as soft as butter. I'm sorry if I wear them with every outfit. Or I'm not. Whatever.

PPS - I've had these Chucks since Jr High and I love them. They're always perfect, no matter the occasion.

Tee, Limited.
Necklace, H&M.
Jeans, JustFab.
Shoes, Converse (exact).