AJ Wears :: Floral Shoes

I don't have a cute story for today's outfit except these shoes came in the mail and I put them on immediately and wore them around my house with my pajamas. Once I got some work done, I put together the rest of the outfit and hit the mall and Ulta.

It's like...I KNOW they're totally ridiculous. They're bright and flowery and a weird half wedge, half heel shape. But I thought they were fun and would be pretty for summer.

I've also been the weird girl taking pictures on a tripod out of her car lately. I usually just wait until BB gets home from work, but if I'm out and about anyway, I've been looking for back alleys and secluded spots to snap a few pics just to keep things interesting.

And now, here's a dramatic picture that was actually just an outtake, HIGH FASHION YOU GUYS. Check out that sweet remote (with antenna!) in my hands. DIY blogging at it's finest.

Blazer, 5.7.9. LOL
Shirt....I dunno my grandma bought it for me.
Jeans, The Limited (similar).
Shoes, Whitney by ShoeDazzle.
Bracelets, JewelMint.
Bag, Coach (exact).