AJ Wears :: A black & white sweater

I love stripes. I love dots. So when I found a stripes + dots sweater, I was like, BRILLIANT! What's that? I'm wearing the exact same colors as yesterday? Shhhhh. I can't hear you.

I'm making that face because I didn't know what my night has in store for me. In hindsight, I wish I'd worn flats with this outfit because it would have been an "easier" look, but I wore this to dinner Saturday and all I could think was SATURDAYNIGHT!HEELS!YEAH! What happened was, we went and ate Mexican food and somehow ended up at this dance club and I was the dork in "da club" wearing too many layers. Cute outfits are always in context, people.

Sweater, Gap.
Shirt, Forever 21.
Jeans, Zara.
Shoes, JustFab.
Bag, Coach via eBay.
Lipstick, Nars Red Lizard.