Take One, Wrap it Up

Let's talk about the Take One, Pass it on remix! This was such a fun challenge. S/O to Sarah for not only coming up with such a great idea, but for hosting all of us!

So I managed 24 outfits in 28 days, and remixed everything from sweaters to scarves to shoes. I remixed during a five day trip for work, which gave me a chance to add in a little business casual to the mix. I even bought items with the sole purpose of remixing them - while it sounds silly, I love doing wardrobe remixes because it helps me when I'm shopping to really look at pieces and find things that I not only love, but can wear a few different ways.

Looking back, I think this type of wardrobe remix is much more accessible for the every day woman who doesn't want to do too much prep. It's great for travel, because you can build a suitcase where pieces are worn several different ways. And it's fantastic for those days you're feeling uninspired about your wardrobe. Just pick a piece you love and remix it into a new outfit you might not have thought about before.

This also gave me the chance to dig through my closet a little and find pieces I haven't worn in a while and give them a new spin. If you're looking for a way to mix up your wardrobe and do something fun - doooooo it.

So that's it! Watch Sarah's blog for a round up of everyone who participated, because there were a ton of girls doing some really interesting things with their wardrobe. I'm looking forward to getting dressed without having to think as much again, but I have to admit being able to wear some pieces that I *love* a few times in a row without judgement was really great. What I'm saying is, don't be afraid to wear the same shirt a few times in a row. I'm 95% sure no one will notice unless you start smelling weird. And that's what Febreze is for.