Sometimes I Shop :: March Buys

 It's that time again...blogger budget accountability! Shockingly, I stayed under budget this month. JUST. BARELY. I actually ran out about two weeks before the end of the month so I had to be extra good, but I got some great pieces this month I'm proud of. My total - $199. Just enough left for a bag of Cheetos.

The fine print: I got a skirt, blazer, and t-shirt from for only $5 after using a $40 giftcard. My $2 glasses were an add-on to a JustFab order I made, some wedges with a credit. I ended up sending back the pink polka dot jeans to JF too, so that's an extra credit for shoes next month! Yay! And this month was ALMOST Forever 21 free....with the exception of my legging pants which I think are a smart buy. My big buy of the month - a striped jacket from Gap, using a family and friends coupon from Sandra for 40% off. My best buy of the month - an olive JCrew blazer from Goodwill for $5. This month I focused on well-made pieces I could wear several ways. I'm getting smarter about my buying!

Interestingly, my budget is about to change a little bit. I do a lot of freelance work and those checks usually go towards larger purchases outside of my monthly budget, but I started a new freelance job this week that means weekly checks - and a bigger shopping budget. I think that I'm going to stick to my $200 monthly shopping allowance and save back the extra to put towards nicer things - like actual leather bags. We'll see how this affects my spending, but it could be a great way to splurge on more expensive items occasionally.

I'm liking up with Franish and all of the other awesome budgeting'd we do in March?