Friday Favorites Remix :: Striped Jacket

I love seeing what things on my blog really take off or resonate with people, and one thing that seems to be really popular with everyone is a good remix. My 30x30 is consistently in my top posts, and I got a lot of great feedback from the Take One, Pass it on challenge. So inspired by that, I've decided to start a new post on Fridays - The Friday Favorites Remix!

I loved the Take One remix challenge. It let me remix my clothes and be creative without having to do too much pre-planning. And so often, I buy pieces I truly love and want to wear over and over again - and while I do, I don't often put those outfits on the blog because I feel like y'all "just saw that". So I came up with a solution! If people love seeing how to remix stuff they already have, and I love wearing things a bunch of times in a row, I should do a weekly remix segment. So I'm going to choose a favorite piece from the week before and remix it on Fridays. You like?

I loved this Gap jacket enough to wear it again, and I busted out the sleeves in this dress so I can only wear it with a jacket. I just need to cut off the sleeves and make it sleeveless, I guess. It fits in the waist but is way, way too tight in the shoulders. I almost couldn't slide my card in the machine at Sonic. NO DRESS GETS IN THE WAY OF ME AND MY HAPPY HOUR, OKAY? Anyway, here's how I wore it last week.

So, is this something we like? Would anyone be interested in linking up and joining me for a weekly remix?

Dress, Forever 21 (which is clearly why it fell apart).
Jacket, Gap.
Belt, The Limited.
Shoes, JustFab.