AJ Wears :: A striped jacket

There are some days an outfit comes together in one try. And then there are days where you put on 6 different tops and 4 different jeans just trying to make it work. I knew I wanted to wear this jacket today, and I thought it would look killer with these shoes, but all of the in-betweens just weren't working for me.

I finally gave up and settled on these boyfriend jeans and a ruffled top and went to the mall for cheese fries. I know when to wave the white flag.

The end of the story is, even though no one at the mall said I looked cute (uh, that never happens #vaintweets) I still FELT cute. Also I swear this jacket is navy in person and I can't wait to wear it with about three other outfits I've dreamt up before it gets warm. Also, I must have been reading too much Atlantic-Pacific lately because I was trying to look all classy and elusive in these photos and most of them just looked like I needed to go to the bathroom.

Hey. These little stories I tell can't all be winners.

Jacket, Gap.
Top, The Limited.
Pumps, JustFab.
Jeans, Forever 21.
Bag, Vintage.