AJ Wears :: A printed skirt

I've never understood what was classified as "sportswear". It looks like blazers and skirts and khakis to me, but if you asked me what sportswear was, I'd probably say yoga pants. I could google it, but I'm a very busy blogger and have absolutely no time for malarkey like that. The end of this story is, I think these sandals are sporty. Like little basketballs or something. I don't know why, but that's why I'm describing this outfit as sporty. But it's a skirt...so it's also sweet. Get it?

This skirt arrived this weekend from Amazon and I loooooove it. Originally sold for $90, I snagged it for $20. I'm looking to add more fun skirts into my wardrobe, and this one is much nicer than anything I would have found at Forever. Yay, look at me, I'm trying to be versatile and make smarter purchases. Hurrah!

Fun necklace made of rings. I could take it apart and wear them if I wanted to, but then I wouldn't have a necklace. Today we hit up Gap friends and family sale and then ate some burritos at Moe's. This is what you wear  when you do that. LIVING THE DREAM.

Skirt, Kenneth Cole.
Blazer, Target.
Necklace, JewelMint.
Shoes and Bag, JustFab.