AJ Wears :: Heart Print Dress

I picked up this dress at Forever a few weeks ago on super clearance - $5! It hasn't been warm enough to wear it yet and I didn't want to wear it with tights, so it's just been hanging in my bedroom waiting for warmer weather. 

Welp, it STILL isn't warm enough to wear it. In fact, it was so cold I probably should have been bundled in about 50 layers, but I needed something I could throw on in four minutes and look great. The good news is, I was wearing some panty hose from a photoshoot earlier in the day and I felt confident that I'd be warm enough with those. I'm thinking we should bring them back. They make your legs look great and keep you warm, even if they make you feel about 90 years old.

This outfit took me to dinner and Cirque de Soliel's Quidam. And if you're wondering why my make up looks so ridiculously awesome, that's left over from today's photoshoot too! I did a 40's inspired photoshoot for Arkansas Life today and I'm really looking forward to showing you guys the pics whenever the magazine comes out. I got to do some shots with Sandra from LR Big Style too...most of which involved some form of the robot. We're pretty big dorks. Anyway, the make up artist was fantastic and I never want to wash my face again. We're all cool with that, right?

Dress, Forever 21.
Blazer, Target.
Shoes, ShoeDazzle.
Earrings, Kristin Todd.
Bag, Vintage.
Coat, Forever 21.